Monday, May 11, 2015

How To Perform An IVC Filter Retrieval

Certain types of IVC filters are retrievable within a 3 to 8 week window after placement. Typically, these were placed for a patient who had a short term need for anticoagulation, but could not be medically anti coagulated. For example, a trauma patient with a head bleed and a long bone fracture going to the OR with orthopedics. The procedure is very similar to IVC filter placement.


  • Access the venous system via a jugular approach. Filters can only be retrieved via the jugular vein. 
  • Insert a Pig cava catheter, and perform an angiogram (Usually 15 ccs/sec for 30 cvs) 
  • Exchange the catheter for the sheath, after dilation of the tract. 
  • Extend the snare from the tip of the sheath and capture the filter's hook under fluoro.
  • With gentle back tension on the snare, advanced the sheath over the filter so until the filter is fully within the sheath. 
  • Retrieve the entire system and withdraw it from the neck. Be careful as you cross through the right atrium 
  • Hold gentle manual pressure over the neck venotomy site.

Retrievable IVC Filter
Source: Wikipedia

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