Saturday, May 5, 2012

Osteosclerosis: Differential Diagnosis #7

Osteosclerosis, or general increased density in the skeletal bones, is a relatively rare diagnosis. However, when it occurs, the entities that cause it are important to recognize. One way to recall the various causes for osteosclerosis is the mnemonic Regular Sex Makes Occasional Perversions Much More Pleasurable And Fun (Don't look at me - I didn't make it up):

R - RegularRenal osteodystrophy
S - SexSickle cell disease
M - MakesMyelofibrosis
O - OccasionalOsteopetrosisaka Albers-Schonberg disease
present with fractures, splenomegaly
P - PerversionsPynknodysostosisaka Toulouse-Latrec syndrome
associated with acro-osteolysis and Wormian bones
M - MuchMastocytosis
M - MoreMetastatic carcinomaBreast, prostate, lymphoma/leukemia
P - PleasurablePaget's disease
A - AndAthletes
F - FunFluorosis

Source: Radiopaedia
Other possible causes include osteopoikilosis, osteopathia striata, hypothyroidism, and melorrheostosis. You can thank Brant & Helms for the mnemonic.

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